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Ping Pong

Raspberry Pi Arcade Project

Students choose a game, tweak it by changing characters, backgrounds, and more. They also work with Raspberry Pi, a small computer for DIY projects. Then, they pick a controller, create it, test the game, write instructions, decorate it, and another class plays using tokens.

Pressing Buttons

Students play different games and pick one to modify. They modify it by adjusting characters, backgrounds, movements, adding levels, sounds, or scoring system for the chosen game.

Game Over Screen

Raspberry Pi is a small, affordable, single-board computer that is widely used for various DIY projects and serves as a versatile platform for learning about programming and electronics.

raspberry Pi.jpg

Students check out various controllers, pick one that fits their game, create the controller, and then try it out with their game to see how well it works.

Arcade Game Joystick

Test your game like a pro: Check if everything works, play it as if you're new, and jot down improvements. Write instructions in plain language, then get pals to play and give feedback for those final tweaks!

Father & Son Gaming

This is what you've been working toward. It's time to show off what you've created. It's show time!

Arcade Games and Stools

See examples of student arcade games.

Happy Arcade
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