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Arcade Experience
Arcade Experience

Arcade Time

This is what you've been working toward. It's time to show off what you've created. It's show time!

Make it appealing

Make your game a crowd-pleaser:

1. Whip up a sign that shows off your game's name.
2. Make sure the price stands out – no one likes hunting for it.
3. Spruce up the controller so it looks as good as it plays.
4. Keep the instructions easy to spot and easy to read.
5. Give your game a makeover – decorate it and add some fresh twists for that extra charm.

Pinball Bumpers and Ball
Video Game Controllers


Get students hyped to play your game:

1. Throw out invites with some real excitement – make 'em wanna join the fun.
2. Keep things interesting by noting and cheering on high scores.
3. Toss in cool prizes to sweeten the deal and up the gaming vibes.
4. Watch out for any issues, like the game dragging on, and figure out how to cut it short.
5. Hit 'em with special deals, like half off for the next two minutes – gotta keep things spicy.
6. Spice up the competition by setting up mini-tournaments – let the games begin!

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