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Why Should Students Study
Graphic Design

There are several advantages for students to study graphic design. First, it helps them learn how to communicate better by showing them how to use pictures and organization to get their point across. Many jobs need this kind of knowledge. Second, it helps students think critically and be creative, which helps them find new ways to solve problems. Third, it improves their digital knowledge by giving them skills that will be useful in school and on the job market.

Google Slides as a Graphic Design Tool

There are a few reasons why learning Adobe Express through projects like signature blocks, infographics, and six-word memoirs is easier than traditional methods: Learning by Doing: These projects provide a hands-on approach. Instead of memorizing abstract features, you're directly applying them to create something tangible, making the learning process more engaging and memorable. Focused Learning: Each project targets specific tools. A signature block helps you learn about adding text and manipulating layouts, while infographics introduce image manipulation and content curation. This focused approach makes it easier to grasp individual features. Immediate Results: The projects are designed to be completed quickly, allowing you to see the fruits of your labor right away. This sense of accomplishment keeps you motivated and reinforces what you've learned. Clear Goals: Each project has a defined goal (creating a signature block, infographic, etc.), which provides a clear direction and helps you stay focused on the relevant tools. Traditional methods, like manuals or video tutorials, often present information in a more abstract way, which can be overwhelming for beginners. Projects provide a practical context that makes learning Adobe Express more intuitive and enjoyable.

Google Maps

Explore Graphic Design with Google Maps

Graphic design is the art of using words, images, color, and layout to convey powerful messages and captivate audiences. From the signs that guide us on the street to the logos of our favorite brands, graphic design is everywhere, influencing how we perceive the world around us. In this activity, students will explore the exciting world of graphic design, delve into its role in conveying messages, distinguish it from traditional art, and engage in an activity that encourages them to discover graphic design elements in the world around them using Google Maps' street view.

Layers & Color

Getting the Most out of Google Slides with Layers and Color Theory

In this lesson, students will learn how to use layers and color theory to create a picture out of shapes in Google Slides. Color theory, a basic element, is the key to making people feel and think in a certain way. For instance, the color red is known to make people feel excited. Along with learning about color theory, students will also learn the important graphic design skills of layering and grouping.


Google Slide's Text Tools and Fonts

This lesson will delve into fonts and text-changing tools in Google Slides. Fonts do more than look good; they set the mood for a design. There are many fonts to choose from, and we will learn how to pick the right one. We'll show you which Google Slide tools are relevant and provide a video tutorial that explains how to use them. You can apply what you learn with a hands-on activity. Come along as we explore fonts, learn how to use them, and get creative with Google Slides!


Layout, Composition, and the Art of Missing Pet Posters

In this lesson, students make a poster for a lost pet. This is a job that most people can relate to, whether or not they have pets. For the task, they have to choose an animal (real or made up), give it a name, come up with a reward, and figure out how to get in touch with the pet's owner. Finally, they have to use the tools on Google Slides to make an 8 ½ x 11 poster. The posters are meant to grab your attention, and they look great on bulletin boards. As well as helping them get better at graphic design, this project is a good review of different design elements and shows how important it is to plan and compose well in order to make powerful visual stories.

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